Inspiring and Challenging Every Girl to Reach Her Full Potential

Curriculum Aims


Develop the children's self-expression through the written and spoken word.

Promote the understanding and appreciation of the written word in all its forms.

Develop the skills of reading fluently and accurately.

Develop the skills of writing appropriately for a variety of occasions and purposes.

Develop a legible style of handwriting.


Promote and develop mathematical skills, knowledge and understanding

Promote a positive attitude towards number and mathematics in general.

Help each pupil appreciate the importance of mathematics as a life skill.

Teach a range of strategies, including mental and practical strategies.

Develop an understanding of mathematical language.

Promote a positive ability to develop problem-solving and reasoning strategies.


Stimulate and encourage children’s natural curiosity.

Provide knowledge and facts to enable them to develop their understanding.

Encourage children to use their own first-hand experiences and knowledge to help them investigate and tackle problem-solving situations.

Develop the children's ability to investigate, to carry out fair tests and to present their findings clearly.

Bring children to an understanding that will allow them to acquire knowledge and scientific skills.


Encourage an understanding and appreciation of the past and its effect on our lives today.

Develop an understanding about famous people from the past, their lives and their culture.

Develop an understanding about events from the past and how they have affected our lives.

Develop and encourage research skills using historical resources in order to be able to make informed judgments.


Develop in the children an interest in their own surroundings and in other parts of the world.

Enable an appreciation of the effects of human influence on various environments.

Compare and contrast various environments and surroundings.

Develop mapping skills and understand the importance of representations, signs and symbols.

Design and Technology 

Stimulate curiosity and discover how things work and are made

Explore the nature of materials, their structures and the effects of forces on them.

Encourage children to use and apply skills they have already learnt.

Use tools and techniques safely.

Information and Communication Technology 

Stimulate and promote the use of ICT in order to support, enhance and extend learning opportunities.

Develop pupils’ awareness of the use if ICT not only in the classroom, but in everyday life.

Encourage and promote safe use of the internet.

Teach a range of strategies, including mental and practical strategies.

Help both pupils and staff to develop confidence and competence to use ICT in a range of contexts appropriate to the task in hand.


Develop an understanding of art, craft and design through a range of activities and by using a variety of materials, referring to a range of artists as a starting point

Provide opportunities to explore the use of colour, pattern, texture, shape, tone and form.

Provide opportunities to develop creativity, practical skills and an appreciation of art in all its forms.

Religious Education 

Develop in the children a love of God an understanding of the principles of the Gospel in the tradition of the Catholic faith.

To develop the appreciation of different faiths, cultures and beliefs.

To foster a caring and sharing attitude towards others.


Encourage the enjoyment and appreciation of music.

Introduce children to a range of musical instruments; know how they are played and the sounds they make.

Develop listening and performance skills.

Allow the children to express themselves freely through Music.

Personal Social and Health Education / Citizenship 

Enable the children to develop a responsible approach to life.

Promote awareness of how we should treat each other.

Develop an understanding about creating a healthy and happy life style.

Develop a sense of citizenship and community.

Develop the knowledge skills and understanding they need to lead confident and independent lives.

Physical Development 

Promote physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.

Develop a general fitness through a variety of activities.

Develop a sense of good sportsmanship and fair play.

Be aware of good practice and safety when working with others and using equipment.


Loreto Preparatory School

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