Inspiring and Challenging Every Girl to Reach Her Full Potential

Collective Worship

Liturgical celebration, both Eucharistic and non-Eucharistic, is at the heart of life at Loreto Preparatory School. Assemblies, too, are an important feature of school life. 

The school’s collective worship is expressed when the school or class gathers together for Eucharist and Liturgical services, assemblies and prayer.

Masses and Liturgical Celebration are held for on various occasions and festivals, throughout the year. The school regularly attends St Vincent’s parish church to lead Mass on Holy Days

Each class in turn leads the school in prayer and worship in their class assembly. The content of the assembly is usually chosen by the class teacher and pupils and is expressed in various ways, e.g. song, drama, dance, story, poetry and art or simply in prayer. Music and silent reflection are very important parts of this worship.

Prayer is of prime importance in Loreto. This is reflected in displays around the school. The children pray together as a class at the beginning and end of each day and before and after meals. A focal point for prayer is part of the classroom environment and reflects the current theme or topic. 

The spiritual and moral development of each pupil is a key feature of the school.

Spiritual development of the pupils involves:
• the development of insights, principles, beliefs, attitudes and values, which guide and motivate us. 
• a developing understanding of feelings and emotions which causes us to reflect and to learn
• a developing recognition that their insights, principles, beliefs, attitudes and values influence, inspire or guide them in life.

Moral development involves the distinction between right and wrong, good and evil in a social context. Moral development is about a growing awareness of, and a positive response to, the demands of living as an individual with others in community. Each pupil is encouraged to develop in his or her unique way within an identifiable Catholic community

Within school, pupils are able to discuss issues around modern day life and how the choices they make today can influence their own lives as well as the lives of others in the future. 

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