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Prep 5 curriculum visit to MOSI

Prep 5 Scientists had a wonderful time on their curriculum visit to the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester (MOSI). Firstly, we watched the Revolution Manchester Show and we were enthralled by Manchester's rich legacy of industrial innovations, scientific discoveries and ideas that changed the world.

Next, we visited the Spark of Life Trail, where we examined how scientists experimented with electricity to understand and control it. We learnt how the mass generation and distribution of electricity changed our lives. It was an invaluable learning experience as we start our new topic on electricity.

Before lunch, we went to Circuit City, which was a lively, upbeat and humorous workshop with lots of surprises. Many of Prep 5 enjoyed joining in with the activities and watching Clementine saving Mrs Fish from being zapped with her amazing cycling skills. We leant about the basic principles of electricity; generation, conduction, insulation, storage, safety and the different uses including light, sound, heat and movement.

After lunch, was Science Showdown, where we sampled explosions, surprising science and some gravity defying activities. Finally we got to visit the experiments gallery! This was great fun: we stared into the mirror of infinity, watched our own skeleton ride a bike. We even learnt how the power of gears can give us super strength to lift a mini!

The museum made a great impression on us and many of Prep 5 are already planning a return visit with their families.

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