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Letter from David Attenborough

Passionate environmentalist 10-year-old Alys Price-Jones says a handwritten letter from the ‘Greatest Living Englishman’ will inspire her to be an advocate for a more sustainable planet.The intelligent Loreto Preparatory School pupil, who lives in Sale, sent her project on the planet’s threatened ecology with a letter of explanation to Sir David Attenborough and received a handwritten reply by return of post. 

Sir David wrote “Alys, Thank you for letter. You are quite right to be angry about the damage human beings are inflicting on the Earth and I hope you will do what you can and where you can to help. Best Wishes, David Attenborough.”

Alys said, “I couldn’t believe he could find time to write to me. He’s is definitely the greatest living Englishman and someone that I and all my friends look up to and respect. I will treasure this letter for the rest of my life and my mum is going to get it framed.”

Alys added: “It is up to everyone, young and old, to do make a difference. Protests are all well and good, but it is action we need. Action to reduce the use of plastic bags and bottles. Action to use more renewable energy and action to reduce the amount of red meat we all eat.”

She added: “I recycle now. I prefer to walk than have mum and dad take me on short journeys and I am trying to eat more plants and we can all do the same. I am always on at my mum and dad about this and to be fair they are taking it on board and agree with me.”

She added: “I wish there were more people like Sir David Attenborough and less like Donald Trump. He is the leader of the free world but seems more concerned with politics, weaponry and getting himself re-elected than the future of the planet.”

Loreto Preparatory School head teacher Anne Roberts said: “Alys is a very bright and compassionate girl and like all of our pupils is very concerned about the future of the planet.

“Sir David must receive so many requests so all of us at Loreto Preparatory School, pupils and teachers alike, were delighted that he has recognised the excellence of Alys’ school project. What a wonderful man.” 

Loreto Preparatory School

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