Inspiring and Challenging Every Girl to Reach Her Full Potential

Prep 6 2021 - 2022

Mrs Ostick

Assistant Head & Senco
Prep 6 Class Teacher

Mrs Leach

Upper School Teaching Assistant

A very warm welcome to Prep 6!

We look forward to you having a very happy and successful year with us. There is much to look forward to in Prep 6 with different activities to engage, challenge and support our students.

Girls in Prep 6 will have varied and stimulating experiences while studying the curriculum, including numerous opportunities to learn outside the classroom. These include: a Geography Fieldwork Trip; Curriculum Visit to Jodrell Bank; a visit to The Bar Convent in York learn about our school’s foundress, Mary Ward and a residential visit to Mount Cook Adventure Centre to experience life as a Viking. The girls will learn teambuilding and bush craft skills and participate in a variety of outdoor adventures.

In Prep 6, our students focus on preparing for the rigors of entrance examinations for selective secondary schools, building on the skills developed throughout the Prep. During the year, Prep 6 students experience a range of teaching and learning approaches which enable them to tackle any entrance exam, including CEM and Loreto exams, with confidence.

We offer an After School Study Session each week throughout the year in which the girls are introduced to a wide variety of challenging question types and styles, including multiple choice and standard answers.

Independence and resilience are also a focus of the year, as we begin to prepare for secondary transition.

With many of the subjects of the Curriculum being taught by subject specialist teachers in small class sizes, each child has the best chance to shine!

Mrs Ostick   

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