Prep 7: Week 8

Date: 12th Jun 2020 @ 7:36pm

Prep 7 Class Blog Week Beginning 8th June


Yet again, the girls in Prep 7 have delighted us in so many ways. The girls who have been in school have demonstrated great maturity and have adapted extremely well to the new environment that we have had to adopt. The teachers have loved seeing the girls again – we have missed them! And we have once more been bowled over by the quality of the work that the girls have produced.


This week the Prep 7 teachers are nominating as Stars of the Week Advika, Avista, Amelia, Alisha and Manni. You will find photos of their work, and that of some of the other girls, at the bottom of the page.


In English, we have been learning about the meaning of the slogan Black Lives Matters. The girls researched and completed a fact file on a person who has influenced the black civil rights movement. They found it very interesting. Advika researched Rosa Parks and wrote about her.


Over the holidays, Advika also grew cress as an experiment and shows us the Before and After images. She also made, rather appropriately, a “pie” chart showing the amount of sugar in different foods. 


Avista designed an amazing celebration dress for the Celebrations home learning topic.


More work on Black Lives Matter now.  Amelia carried out research on Rosa Parks and was inspired that she stood up for what she believed in. Her work is shown below.


Alisha also produced work on Black Lives Matter and, as part of the Under the Sea home learning project, she drew and coloured a fabulous picture of a jellyfish. You will also see her French Treasure Map below, together with her exercise stats. If her experience matches that of the girls in school this week, who worked so hard with Mrs Gillespie in PE, she will have had aching muscles on Wednesday!  Last week, she described the ups-and-downs of her emotions during lockdown. Mrs Fish says about Alisha: “Her work is always of an outstanding quality and she’s always so motivated to do her best.”


Manni’s writing on Nelson Mandela, as part of Black Lives Matter, is thoughtful and beautifully presented. She also worked hard on the subject of bioluminescence and used her research to produce another excellent piece of work.


We’ve seen lots of other wonderful work this week. Ellie made an excellent film about plastic pollution. Evie and Lauren worked so hard in Maths to master a concept that they found tricky to start with. Evie was also very impressive in French on Thursday, displaying great vocabulary and a lovely French accent.  Mrs Gillespie asked the girls to create and name their own French pirate.  Adelaide’s pirate was a little unsteady on his feet and she named him Bruno le Buveur! An English equivalent might be Danny the Drunk!


Thank you for all your enthusiasm and hard work this week, Girls. We’re all looking forward to another great week starting on Monday. Please don’t forget a pair of compasses.


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