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Children may be admitted to the school after their third birthday normally at the beginning of the school year during which they will be four years old. Admission to the EarlyYears Foundation Stage and Infant Department is by interview. Admission to the Junior Department is by interview and assessment. Children who do not reach the required standard may be considered for admission after consultation with the parents or guardians to ascertain whether the school can fully support the needs of the child. Priority is given to children who are baptised in the Roman Catholic Faith. Children of other Christian denominations and children of other Faiths are also welcome in Loreto Preparatory School. All children are required to follow the Religious Education Programme in the school but at the same time appreciation respect and tolerance of other Faiths is exercised and encouraged. Children with a home language other than English are welcome in Loreto. We value this linguistic diversity and aim to provide opportunities for these children to develop. The needs of the children and the ability of Loreto to meet these needs will be discussed with parents before a place is offered. Children with Special Educational Needs are welcome in Loreto. Again the needs of the child and the ability of the school to meet these needs will be discussed with parents before a place is offered. There is one class for each year group. Admissions