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Curriculum The aim of Loreto Preparatory School is to provide a broad and balanced curriculum to enable all our children to reach their full potential.The curriculum will give pupils experience in linguistic mathematical scientific technological human and social physical aesthetic and creative education. In our school academic excellence is highly valued. Excellence is never an accident it is the result of high expectation sincere effort intelligent direction and skilful execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives by Governors and Staff. Our teaching schemes have been carefully chosen and we liaise with the principal publishers of educational materials to ensure that our resources meet the requirements of a modern broad and balanced curriculum. We formally assess the children each term which allows us to monitor progress and give support where necessary. The results of these tests are reported to parents. Foundation Stage Our Nursery is for children of three and four years of age. They may attend part-time in the mornings or full-time over a choice of days. Our EarlyYears children have brought their unique charm and view of the world to our school. We are a partner in the Trafford EarlyYears Partnership and as such children who attend our school are able to apply for the EarlyYears funding which is currently15 hours free each week. The funding is available to all children until the end of the term in which they attain the age of five. In the EarlyYears Foundation Stage which includes our Reception class the children follow the EarlyYears Foundation Stage curriculum. Our active approach to the teaching of phonics and mathematics combines to give the children an excellent start in literacy and numeracy.